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Use this image to text converter to extract text from an image into editable digital text formats. It uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology for recognizing and extracting text from scanned documents or photos.

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Files Supported: PNG | JPG | JPEG | GIF | JFIF | PDF | WEBP | BMP | HEIF | HEIC

We'll never sell or share your data: Read Our
We'll never sell or share your data: Read Our Privacy Policy
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How to Use This Image to Text Converter?

Follow these simple steps in order to use this converter for an online text extraction.

Step 1 — Upload Files

Select and drop images or directly upload into our image to text converter.

Step 2 — Start Conversion

Click “Convert” and let this tool extract text from images.

Step 3 — Save Extracted Text

Copy the extracted text or download it into desired text formats

Why Choose This Image to Text Converter?

These are the reasons that make this OCR tool the best for scanning and extracting text from images and documents.

secure Security at Its Core
Your privacy is of utmost concern, our converter ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your both uploaded images and converted text files.
upload Multiple Uploads
Users can quickly extract text from images using different options on our picture to text converter, including uploading directly from the device, drag and drop, adding by URL, copy & paste, and importing from
Access Access from Anywhere
Initiate and manage text extraction from images or scanned PDF files regardless of the operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac) and devices (Android, iOS, Tab,) and more.
clipboard Copy to Clipboard
Copy the accurately extracted text with a single click by using this online OCR text extractor. Once text is copied to clipboard, you can paste it to other apps, emails, or documents for the ease of accessibility and sharing.
BatchFiles Photo to Text in Batches
Save time and effort and let this photo to text converter process numerous images at once into editable text formats. It ensures a seamless and efficient image to text conversion experience.
Result Accurate Text Extraction
Our image text extractor ensures the utmost accuracy while extracting text from images & PDFs. Using OCR technology to preserve the integrity of your textual content while converting image to text online.
Multipleimports Multiple Import Formats
Lets you import different file formats including: png, jpg, jpeg, gif, jfif, webp, bmp, heif, heic, and pdf. Use this photo to text converter and let it copy text from these all file types for free.
Exportformats Multiple Export Formats
No matter whether you prefer plain text for simplicity, a Word document for editing, or another compatible format, this photo to text converter ensures instant text saving.
price Price
It's a completely free tool that allows you to extract text from multiple images or documents without the need to purchase any subscription.
Translate Translate to
Allow translation for the extracted text into over 100 languages, this breaking down the language barriers and enhancing global communication.
OCR OCR Languages
Arabic, Japanese, Sanskrit, Chinese, English, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Marathi, Thai, Urdu, Hebrew, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Sinhala, Telugu, Georgian, German, Nepali, Vietnamese, Bengali, French, Greek, Bulgarian, Khmer, Spanish, Turkish, Persian, Punjabi, Assamese, Ukrainian, Farsi, Amharic, Polish, Burmese, Gujrati, Italian, Romanian, Tibetan, Latin, Mongolian, Dutch, Swedish, Macedonian, Portuguese, Hungarian, and more.

People Also Ask

Does this converter come with multilingual support?

Yes, you can check the above box that clearly mentioned that our image to text converter supports different languages. So grab text from images with this online converter, regardless of the language your visuals contain.

How can I get text out of a picture?

The process is simple, drop the pictures into our picture to text converter and move to its The process is similar in the mobile apps for Android and iOS. Open up an image with text in it, and you'll see an option to copy the onscreen text. The extracted text can be copied to the clipboard, used as a web search, or even translated with another tap.

How do I extract text from a photo on the phone?

Access this online OCR text extractor from your phone, and let it extract text from images without any hassle.

Can I convert JPG to text?

The JPG to Text converter by can convert jpg images to text files quickly.

How can I copy text from an image without an app?

You can now copy text from images using this online image text converter, no registration required.

Can I convert PDF photos to text?

You can easily convert scanned and pdf photos to text with the help of our online OCR converter.

Can we convert a handwritten image file to text?

By using our OCR-based image to text converter, you can be able to scan and convert the handwritten image file to text online.

What website can scan text?

Imgtotext: Using an advanced OCR technology for scanning and extracting text from images and scanned documents.

How can I scan & extract text from an image for free?

No matter whether you need to convert printed documents, handwritten notes, or images with textual elements, our image to text converter enhances accessibility and makes digital content more adaptable.